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Mayfield Song about Depression to Feature on Ray D’arcy Show

Three teenagers from Mayfield Foróige in Cork, Trisha Sexton, Paul Woods (MC Woodssy), and Shane Keane will perform their new song live on The Ray D’arcy RTE One on Saturday May 27th 2017. They got together with Garry McCarthy from GMCBeats Workshops to make a song about bullying, depression & suicide.

Mayfield Youth - Reach Out Speak Out (Music Video)

Mayfield Youth – Reach Out Speak Out (Music Video)

The teens are part of the Mayfield Local Drug & Alcohol Task Force Project, co-ordinated by Deirdre Dennigan. They wrote and produced the song and video at GMCBeats’ workshops in their youth centre. The vocals were recorded at The Kabin Studio (supported by Music Generation Cork City).

Their work holds very powerful and touching messages from teens to teens and the wider community about the importance of reaching out and speaking out about mental health and letting people know they are not alone and there is help available.

The group also designed and ran a Peer Education Workshop on bullying and depression among teenagers in St. Patrick’s College a few weeks ago. The Rap, video and Peer Education piece were entered into the Aldi Foróige Youth Citizenship Awards on April 29th 2017 and won the ‘Ones To Watch’ award.


Winning song created at a GMCBeats workshop

Featured in the Irish Times, Dublin school takes top prize in National Youth Media Awards.

Overall winners of the Drugs.ie “Let’s Talk About Drugs” competition, Dublin school Coláiste Eoin Finglas beats competition from 700 other entrants to win overall prize of €2,000 with a song, titled ‘Take Your Mask Off’. Written, produced and recorded in a GMCBeats Song-in-a-Day workshop in the school.

Read the full article here.

Listen to the song:

To book a workshop or recording session at your school or youth group, email workshops@gmcbeats.com or call 085 118 6065.

February workshops update part 1

​A few mad busy but inspiring days of rap, beats and songwriting workshops…

Thursday, a large TY group in Blarney took part in a Song-in-a-Day workshop and wrote, produced & recorded a song about the effects of binge drinking. 

Friday, a mix of 1st and 2nd years in a Waterford school wrote and recorded a track about the “Power of Yet” in their JCSP library for the Poetry Ireland Wrapparound Project. 

At the weekend I recorded a zombie invasion anthem with my 9 year old legend of a nephew. 

Yesterday, finished filming a music video for a track about mental health that I helped a Mayfield youth group make recently. 

Then that evening, helped a teen write a write and record a very personal and powerful song about their experience in the Irish care system. 

Today, I worked with the TY class in Buttevant to write, produce and record a track raising awareness of the issue of human trafficking in another Song-in-a-Day workshop. 

After that, then to the regular weekly workshop in Gurranabraher. The first junior group are working on a tack about dog fouling. Yes, dog poo. A special request from the Cork city council to help tackle the problem in the area! After that, the older groups worked on their own solo tracks and spoken word pieces ranging from topics like stress, growing up to self actualisation. 

I’m very grateful for all this. 

Now I’m about to have a daysent cuppa tea. 😎

Anti-Cyberbullying Rap Lyrics for Schools

I Like It (Webwise Safer Internet Day Rap Lyrics for Schools)

Here are the tracks with lyrics to both the English and Irish versions of the anti-cyberbullying anthem from the Webwise and GMCBeats Youth Crew collaboration for safer internet day.




Coz I like it!
Chattin’ with my friends online when there’s nothing to do or it’s raining outside
Coz I like it!
Expressin’ myself but I’ll never let a bully get into my head!
Coz I like it!
Chattin’ with my friends online when there’s nothing to do or it’s raining outside
Coz I like it!
Expressin’ myself but I’ll never let a bully get into my head!

Everybody here put your thumbs up high
if you think these bullies should be taken offline
Coz when we’re online or using an app ____
WE should NEVER have to deal with that!

I wanna snap like my screen is cracked
But really they just want me to react,
But I won’t give in I’ll step on in,
Put that message in the bin, won’t let them win!

Cyber bullies live off intimidation,
Calling people names humiliation so if ya
See something nasty and don’t know what to do,
Don’t let it put it you in a mood.
If it makes you feel bad then don’t reply
Tell someone that you trust, report it online.
Just block the sender, block the sender
There’s so many ways you can stop the pressure!


I like it – Watching YouTube!
I like it – Listening to new tunes!
I like it – When my best friend texts me,
I like it – Puttin’ up a status or a selfie
I like it – Playing some games
I like it – Challenging my brain
But these trolls will never affect me!
When I’m online you better respect me!


If it’s turning into a problem,
One way to stop them is block them
Keyboard warriors and trolls
I will never let them get control

If it’s turning into a problem,
One way to stop them is block them
Keyboard warriors and trolls
I will never let them break my soul!



Chorus A:
Is maith liom é
Ag caint ar line is e ag báisteach ó Satharn go hAoine
Is maith liom é
Ag labhairt liom ach ní ligfidh mé don bullaí cur isteach orm.

Verse 1:
Lámha san aer ag na daoine
Má ceapann sibh gur ceart an bullaí a thógaint ó line
Mar is mé ar line nó ag usaid aip
Ni ceart go mbeadh orainn cur suas le faic

Mo cheann ag scaoilte cosúil le scáileán briste
Ach ní thabharfaidh mé an sásamh sin duitse
Ní thabharfaidh mé suas, seasfaidh mé suas
An teachtaireacht sa bhin ni bheidh an bua acu

Cyberbullaí ag baint taitneamh as imeaglú
Is ag deanamh beag is fiu, mar sin
Ma feiceann tú rud gránna cad tá le dhéanamh?
Ná bac leis an droch-giúmar, cuir é ar leathtaobh

Má cuireann sé as duit le freagra ná bac
Abair le duine fásta is cuir tuairisc isteach
Cur bac leis an seoltóir, ná bac leis fiú,
Go leor slite ann chun deireadh a chur leis an brú

Chorus A

Chorus B:

Is maith liom é – feachaint ar YouTube
Is maith liom é – éisteacht leis na tunes
Is maith liom é – téacs ó mo chara is fearr
Is maith liom é – féin-phic nua sa charr
Is maith liom é – ag imirt cluichí
Is maith liom é – ag foghlaim rudaí
Ach ní cuirfidh loitiméirí isteach orm
Is mé ar line bíodh meas agaibh orm

Verse 2:
Má tá sé ag dul in olcas
Cuir bac leo agus stop leis
Gaiscaí ríomhaire is loitiméirí
Ní bhrisfidh siad mo spiorad ná aon ní

Chorus A

Here’s to Another 12 Months of Music

Garry at the Music Generation / GMCBeats Studio Kabin in Hollyhill

Garry at the Music Generation / GMCBeats Studio Kabin in Hollyhill

I just want to wish everyone that I’ve worked with over the last twelve months a happy and creative new year. Also a massive thank you to those who continue to support my work which has allowed me to do something that I love for over 5 years.

I get to make music with young people all over the country, in primary schools, secondary schools, youth groups, youth reaches, residential care centres etc. I meet a load of interesting, funny and talented individuals, many of them have a lot to say and it’s genuinely a privilege to help them to do so through music.

2016 has been a mad year for GMCBeats Workshops, and it’s looking like 2017 should be too. Some of the highlights of the past year include:

Producing and recording 4 tracks that made the Song for 16 finals in the National Concert Hall (2 primary schools, 1 secondary school and 1 youth reach group).

A song and music video created at the workshops in Ballincollig Youth Reach was the overall winner at the Irish Cancer Society’s X-Hale awards.

The winning video at the Cancer Society's X-Hale Awards 2016

The winning video at the Cancer Society’s X-Hale Awards 2016

A song created at one of the workshops won top prize at the “Show Racism the Red Card” awards.

Scoil Íosagáin in Farranree appeared on Swipe TV, performed at the Department of Education for national forum on sustainability, and recorded their 6th album!

The 3rd year of running the Urban Music Summer camp at the Kabin. Supported by Music Generation Cork City.

MusicGeneration Cork City's Urban Music Summer Camp 2016 with GMCBeats, Rory McGovern, Ophelia and Lloyd

MusicGeneration Cork City’s Urban Music Summer Camp 2016 with GMCBeats, Rory McGovern, Ophelia and Lloyd

Delivered my first international workshop at the Musician’s Woodshed in Austin, Texas.

A successful Rap-a-Mile for Straight Ahead charity event in Cork City.

Worked on 3 music videos (and songs) for Colaiste Eoin Finglas.


Making one of the videos at Coláiste Eoin

Making one of the videos at Coláiste Eoin


National TV appearances and live performances for secondary schools St. Aidan’s and Coláiste Eoin.

Awarded a grant from CESCA to create music that will help Cork teenagers to “fight off negativity”.

The young musicians, rappers and singers from the Hut (YWIC) in Gurranabraher have continued to make group and solo tracks in my 4th year working there with the other brilliant tutors Rory and Ophelia.

Danny & Cathal producing music at the Studio Kabin

Danny & Cathal producing music at the Studio Kabin

Involved in a number of secondary school groups that wrote and performed lyrics at 2 Wrapparound events at the National Library and UCC (supported by Poetry Ireland, JCSP and Trócaire).

Thank you all. G’wan!


Urban Music Summer Camp in partnership with Music Generation Cork City

Delighted to announce this year’s summer camp at the Music Generation Studio Kabin in Knocknaheeny. Participants will get the chance to write rap lyrics, sing, freestyle, make beats using the latest technology, record and perform their own original music with tutors from the Music Generation Cork City program.

Running from Monday 4th to Friday 8th of July 2016, from 10am to 1pm. €25 for the week. Suitable for ages 10 to 14. Spaces are limited.

To sign up, email workshops@gmcbeats.com or call 0851186065.

Youth Music Video Tackling the Problem of Nicotine Addiction


After reaching the finals of the Song for 16 competition last month, I want to say congrats and best of luck to Ballincollig Youth Reach in their next endeavour, the Irish Cancer Society’s X-Hale competition.


This is a track and video that was made at GMCBeats’ workshops. Written, produced, recorded and filmed at the youth reach. Had a bit of craic creating this (and setting fire to a load of 20 euro notes!)

For more information about GMCBeats’ creative songwriting, rap and beats workshops, contact workshops@gmcbeats.com.

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