GMCBeats Music & Workshops | Italian Kids cover GMCBeats Youth Rap Song About Internet Safety
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Italian Kids cover GMCBeats Youth Rap Song About Internet Safety

Italian Kids cover GMCBeats Youth Rap Song About Internet Safety

“I Like It” was an anti-cyber bullying rap performed by the GMCBeats Workshops Youth Crew to celebrate Safer Internet Day 2015:

In June 2019, 9 year old kids from an Italian school recorded their own version to help them learn English:

Here is the description from the Italian kids’ version:
Thanks to our innovative and creative eTwinning School with the song “I LIKE IT”, official song for Safer Internet Day, we have learned English, the correct use of the internet, teamwork, collaboration… succeeding in involve the dancers of the Ducker Crew, the local authorities such as the Mayor of Ercolano Dott. Ciro Buonajuto, the Regional Councilor Dr. Bruna Fiola, the Councilor for Education of the Municipality of Ercolano Dott. Lucia Busiello. A special thanks to the eTwinning Ambassador Cira Serio, to Mrs Angela Infante, mother of one of our students who led the boys in singing and to our dear School Principal Sr Loredana Ursini who supports us and encourages us on this wonderful journey in active and participatory learning.

This song was created by members of GMCBeats Rap Workshops and Webwise Ireland to celebrate Safer Internet Day. Online safety is really important for everyone who uses the internet.

The song is performed by students of class 4 of our eTwinning School “San Tarcisio” and danced by the guys of the Choreographer @imona Paparone

Original music & lyrics written, produced & recorded at GMCBeats Rap Workshops (run by Garry McCarthy at The Kabin Studio, Knocknaheeny, Cork City. Rappers: Adam, Nice, Julia & Cathal. Video by Damien Murphy / Limbo Media –