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Rap & Beats Workshops for Schools

GMC Workshops for Schools

What is a Rap & Beats workshop?
These workshops are all about creative song writing, rapping, singing, music technology, recording and performance. Kids & teens will get the chance to write and record their own lyrics and make music using the latest technology.

How long is a workshop?
Workshops can be as long or as short as you like. Typically a full school day (or two half days) works well per class or group, as it allows plenty of time for brainstorming, showcasing technology, writing lyrics, rehearsing and recording.

Shorter workshops are possible too. In some cases, regular hourly workshops over a number of weeks can work quite well. We will design the workshops to suit your needs, student ages, abilities and class sizes. Throughout the workshop, students will be kept entertained and always involved in the creative process!

924965_373614369444416_1926205734_nWhat age group are these workshops suitable for?
GMCBeats has delivered workshops for all primary & secondary school ages from junior infants to sixth year. Our rap and beats workshops are very accessible and we want to show that ANYONE can make music regardless of age or experience. We will always keep student’s interests, abilities and literacy in mind.

What are the outcomes of these workshops?
The main aim is to get a high quality finished piece of music produced and recorded onto CD and MP3. In doing so, students will learn fun rhyming techniques, use the latest technology for making beats & melodies, write their own lyrics and raps, get a chance to record themselves rapping or singing.

You may also want to release a CD with professional artwork to fund raise for the school, create a music video, put on a show for parents, create a website or possibly enter the song into a national competition. GMCBeats can look after all of these.

Here are some past recordings:

St. Colman's MidletonHow much does a workshop cost?
We can discuss a package price if you want to ring and let us know what you are looking for. If you are interested or would like to discuss prices give us a call on 0851186065 or send us a message here.
(Sometimes we might be busy delivering a workshop so just leave a voicemail or send a text and we will call you back as soon as we can)