The Kabin Studio Cork

The Kabin Studio (Harbour View Road, Hollyhill, Cork), supported by Music Generation Cork City, is a non-profit community space that has grown out of a love for hip hop, original music, and more recently, horticulture. We believe in a holistic approach that includes the facilitation of music workshops, the recording and production of original songs, and the nurturing of a community vegetable garden in a neglected urban setting surrounded by social housing.

In 2013, Garry from GMCBeats Workshops re-purposed an idle MasterKabin in partnership with Cork ETB and Music Generation Cork City to run workshops and recording projects for local young people. The Kabin Studio is equipped with recording and music equipment owned by Garry, along with donations from other artists. Workshop project hours, and special projects are supported by Music Generation Cork City and Cork ETB.

Annually, we provide weekly and intensive courses in hip hop and music production, creating experiences for musical, personal and social meaning-making for young people from the northside area. The aim is to nurture confidence in young people, build skills, and allow them to take ownership of a safe creative zone, to enhance confidence for progression to employment and/or further education.

We engage with young people in the local community and promote positive mental health through the integration of meaningful holistic activities, including creating conscious music & poetry, videos, performances, growing food in an urban environment, design and construction using sustainable materials.

The Kabin Studio and the surrounding outdoor area is becoming a viable arts venue created by young people for the wider community. Our projects have an inclusive ethos and aim to involve different social groups within the community. To find out more about booking the Kabin Studio or about workshops, please contact 085 174 5418.